On the customer’s side

Nijdra Group is increasingly involved in an early (design) stage, in order to work with the client’s development department and think about the optimal solution for the manufacturability and reproducibility of fine mechanical parts and modules (early supplier involvement).

This results in a shorter time to market for prototypes and minimises development costs. Control over development and the technical product file always remains with the client.

With experience in fine mechanical parts since 1947, we offer support in the field of:

  • Adjustability
  • Construction principles
  • Controllability
  • New machining techniques
  • Ergonomics
  • Functional testability
  • Life expectancy
  • Use of materials
  • Assembly prescription
  • Assembly techniques (gluing, screwing, welding, etc.)
  • Assemblability
  • Maintainability
  • Surface treatment
  • Tolerances
  • Uniformity
  • Safety
  • Design

In terms of co-engineering, we offer our clients optimal support in the disciplines mentioned above for both existing and developed (mature) products and projects.

Co-engineering levels:

I. Co-engineering

Our co-engineering strives to realise the desired functions in products under the most favourable conditions. If the client brings their product to Nijdra Group, the product will be realised using the most recent techniques and logistic processes. All chain concerns will be taken out of the client’s hands, so they can focus on their core activities.

II. Value Engineering

Nijdra Group’s co-engineering can submit existing products to a so-called Value Engineering examination. If the product is already being made at Nijdra Group, or will be, we will examine whether the product has production improvement options after several adjustments. One of the goals may be: achieving cost price reduction (CPR), to which we apply the following model:

Diagram CPR

Software support

Nijdra Group is supported by professional software, so that all client questions or desires can be translated into high-quality product designs. We are capable of converting possible client designs for further processing regardless of software used.

A selection of our project

Goniometer Empyrean

For some time now, we have been working for a client specialised in X-ray equipment for material research using X-ray identification. For their most recent innovation, the Empyrean, they worked with various knowledge partners, including CERN and Nijdra Group. We were involved with the client early on in the design process and with our experience in the field of production and assembly, we contributed to the realisation of this pioneering machine. Our constructors were immediately able to indicate what could or could not be manufactured, which led to a shorter time to market, as well as minimising development costs for the client. In terms of production, a very high technical level is maintained, as the heart of this module consists of an axle system which is created in-house and then polished and assembled with a maximum margin of 5 µm. After this, the module is completely assembled and fully tested.

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