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About Nijdra Group

Nijdra Group is a professional supplier of fine mechanical parts and mechatronic modules meant for the high-tech industry.

Nijdra Group is a third generation family business (since 1947) and unburdens its clients with co-engineering, production and assembly. Thanks to the wealth of experience in the high-tech industry, we can offer added value in each phase – from development to final product.

Mission and vision

Nijdra Group creates very high-quality products, at a competitive price and within rapid supply times. The core values of our organisation are: professional, service-oriented, customer-oriented, results-oriented and flexible. Our goal is to engage in and further expand long-running relationships and partnerships. We aim to be generally seen as being part of ‘the best in our sector’. We also value the environment and corporate social responsibility.

The management statement (with environmental policy and quality policy) is, on request, available to relevant stakeholders.

Our employees are invaluable. We offer them an open, honest and clear business culture, chances to develop themselves, internal and external training and employment conditions in conformity with the market. With our suppliers we strive to build a productive relationship based on clear agreements and arrangements.

Why choose Nijdra


Within Nijdra Group, we do not cling to trusted patterns and ways of thinking. By really listening to our clients, we can service every client in the way they desire. With a flat organisation and short lines of communication between departments, Nijdra Group is able to quickly switch in case of unexpected changes. The time to market of products is increasingly shortening and production numbers are shrinking, which requires a high measure of flexibility. Our facilities and employees are fully geared toward this.


Nijdra Group clients are unburdened. This means that, for instance, our clients only need to order a single article number in a project; the entire chain behind it is managed by Nijdra Group. The products are then shipped to our end customers anywhere in the world. Within the process, we proactively make suggestions for improvement and cost reduction. We also have our own broad network with knowledge partners to be able to solve challenges. For certain clients, we manage their supplies from a distance.

Family business

Because Nijdra Group is not a big company, our open attitude and accessibility make our clients feel like part of the family. The family business is run by Saskia van Dijk-Nije, Dennis van Dijk en Jeroen Nije. Saskia, Dennis and Jeroen often join in on conversations with clients in order to become and remain involved with our client relationships.

Nijdra Group’s history

  1. 1947 – 1974: Founding

    In 1947, J.L. Nije (a conventional turning shop, or draaierij) is founded in Amsterdam. This business was taken over in 1974 by son Johan Nije, who changed the name to Nijdra, short for Nije draaierij.

  2. 1974 – 1990: Growth through CNC-technology

    Johan moved the company to a bigger location in Westzaan and implemented CNC technology. After the first successes with CNC lathes, the company invested in CNC milling machines as well. This created extra growth and, in 1987, they a move to Nijdra Fijnmechanische Industry B.V. in Middenbeemster.

  3. 1990 – 2003: Assembly and take-overs

    In 1994, Nijdra started assembly on fine mechanical parts together with purchased products. Additionally, the company acquired MeProTech in Heerhugowaard, specialised in prosthetics and tooth implants. Because of the more precise requirements for products, the High Mechanical Industrie grinding mill in Limmen was acquired and added to the machinery in Middenbeemster.

  4. 2003 – 2011: Growth to System Supplier

    Because of increased demand for completely assembled and tested modules, the main office opened its doors in Middenbeemster in 2003. Together with co-engineering, assembly and testing, the organisation grew to become a full System Supplier. The machine factory also invested in an FMS system: a fully automated and robotised production unit with 3 horizontal manufacturing units that can produce 24/7.

  5. 2011 – 2014: New share holders

    Jeroen and Saskia Nije take over part of Johan Nije’s shares in 2011. In the assembly branch, a cleanroom with ISO class 7 is installed. Our branch in Heerhugowaard is transformed into a prototype branch with fast lane production, so that we can supply clients with prototypes and 0 series.

  6. 2014 – present: Automation and robotisation

    We are investing in our machine factories. Various new protomachines have been purchased, and additionally, all machines in our Middenbeemster branch are fitted with automation. Several turning and milling machines are also fitted with loading robots. Within Nijdra Group, our focus is now: producing more with the same number of people.

Awards, certificates and methodology


  • Femme Tech Award 2012
  • Supplier Performance Award 2006 - Stryker
  • Quality Award 2005 - Philips Medical Systems
  • Dutch 1st Tier Supplier Award 2004



  • JIT
  • Kan Ban
  • Consignment Stock
  • VMI

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