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19/04: Nijdra’s inventory management system

Logistics manager Rene Overtoom explains: “SmartBin is a completely automated inventory system which uses sensors to measure the real time weight of a bin with materials. Naturally the weight measured is in direct relation with said material’s quantity. Whenever the measured weight is below the preferred minimum an automated purchase order is sent to the supplier. So when a material is close to exhaustion, an express delivery is placed and the stock replenished the very next day.

12/03: Nijdra Group is investing

Nijdra Group is investing in a new machine!

Recently, Nijdra invested in a new CNC machine with pallet module. The choice was made for the DMG Mori DMU 50 (3rd generation) 5-axis milling machine. This machine can unmanned and fully automatically process several small series.

09/10: Extensive collaboration CERN and Nijdra

Extensive collaboration CERN and Nijdra: High-Luminosity LHC next level!

19/12: Nijdra Group completely certified ISO 13485

On 27 April 2017, the entire organization of Nijdra Group completed ISO 13485 certification. This certification is the medical version of the ISO 9001 and demonstrates that the quality system of Nijdra is suitable for: co-engineering, production and assembly of precision components, mechatronic modules and sub-systems for medical applications.

12/10: New investment Nijdra Group

In September, the Nijdra Group further scaled up its equipment with a CTX beta 800 TC by DMG Mori. This versatile machine is a turn & mill combination and as such complements well the existent machinery. 

05/07: Robotizing the machine factory

Within the frame of the Smart Industry (or: Industry 4.0), where the industry uses the newest information and technological developments in order to produce tailor-made higher quality in a more efficient and flexible way, the Nijdra Group reinforced itself with a new production robot.

05/07: Cooperation between Sennheiser and Nijdra “sounds good”

We are proud to announce that the Nijdra Group from Middenbeemster has contributed to the realization of the best headphones and amplifier in the world: Sennheiser’s HE1.