BNR Podcast Germany

Nijdra’s general manager, Saskia van Dijk-Nije, was invited as a guest to be interviewed for the very first episode of BNR Podcast Germany.

"It is not surprising that there was no radio program in the Netherlands specifically aimed at doing business in Germany", says Derk Marseille, Germany correspondent. “The assumption is that the relationship and trade with Germany will run smoothly naturally, but a new era is dawning. After 16 years of stability led by Chancellor Merkel, German politics as well as the industry are facing new complex challenges. The country will be busy tending to itself and have less time for neighbouring countries.”

Every Monday, up until the German elections on the 26th of September, 2021, Thomas van Zijl has talked to an experienced entrepreneur who focuses on the German market. They have discussed how you can show your ambitions in Germany and come up with practical insights. How would a well-known German brand such as Sennheiser be convinced to choose a supplier from the Netherlands?

Germany is an extremely attractive market for entrepreneurs because it offers great opportunities for nearly all business-sectors. In the media, they do not often discuss where the opportunities specifically lie. However, BNR Germany is changing this. They invite successful and experienced entrepreneurs to have a conversation about what difficulties they have encountered, and moreover, where they achieved results despite of these challenges.

During the interview, Saskia talks about the supply of precision mechanical parts, completely assembled- and tested modules for high-tech companies, as well as an insight on how Nijdra has conquered the German market among other topics.

"Only 1 in 5 small-to-medium enterprises dare to take the step abroad. Which is understandable since it is a process of trial and error", says Saskia van Dijk-Nije. "We have worked on our business abroad for about 17 years now, during which we have learned a lot. We are a family business, which is seen as an advantage in Germany. We add value to our products. Furthermore, a German customer prefers sending product drawings to us for co-engineering, over for instance a sending these to a Chinese supplier.”