Cooperation between Sennheiser and Nijdra “sounds good”

We are proud to announce that the Nijdra Group from Middenbeemster has contributed to the realization of the best headphones and amplifier in the world: Sennheiser’s HE1.

This showcase project is under the direct command of Sennheiser’s two CEO’s: Daniel Sennheiser and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser. With their know-how of high-quality machining, the Nijdra Group contributed in this project to the reproducibility of several mechanical components of the headphones as well as the amplifier. In contrast to regular headphones, HE1’ components consist of aluminium parts, cut of solid metal by 5-axis machining.


The very intensive cooperation with this German customer took about 1,5 years. During this period, the project teams of both organizations met several times to discuss technical details and the possibilities of the Nijdra Group’s engineering workshop. This project is under the command of the Nijdra Group’s co-owner and director, Jeroen Nije. After the tender process and several meetings, Sennheiser finally chose the Nijdra Group during the Hannover Messe 2015 as manufacturing partner for this project. Jeroen Nije says: “The high level of finishing was and still is quite a challenge, but I am particularly proud of the fact that such a major world player comes to us in Middenbeemster to have parts manufactured here for his most prestigious project.”

The cooperation with this German customer started years ago, after Jeroen Nije had seen the TV program “How it’s Made” on Discovery Channel. The program showed the production of Sennheiser microphones. Then, most fine-mechanical components for these products were manufactured in-house. Ever since, Sennheiser has been occasionally calling on Nijdra for special one-time projects of high-end components. During this project however, the Nijdra Group will supply to Sennheiser all fine-mechanical components for HE1 in series production.

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