Lightning-fast expansion of machinery

Within five calendar days, Nijdra received a shining showroom DMG CTX beta 800TC. The root cause of this speedy delivery lies with the production of parts for the medical and biomedical industry. Rob Wijtenburg, head of production at Nijdra Group, explains: “Due to the current situation in the world, we feel responsible to work as hard as we can to deliver our products to our customers. Especially since the medical industry needs all the help it can get.”

The expansion of the factory’s machine pool was already planned before the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The initial delivery would have taken place in the end of May. However, due to the DMG factory in Germany closing, a solution was requested by Nijdra Group to evade the potential delay. Moreover, the demand for medical parts was already showing an increase, and several governments had requested manufacturers to aid production of medical devices related to corona research. DMG Mori responded to this call for help with an incredibly quick delivery of a temporary solution from their showroom in Bielefeld, Germany. Dennis van Dijk, General Manager at Nijdra Group, commented: “The fact that this [DMG Mori’s quick response] was possible, only shows how important flexibility is within the industries where we operate, especially when going through a situation at this scale.”

The machine already proves to be essential in order to meet the demand at all times. “The CTX can work on products on from 6 sides completely within µ-tolerances. This accuracy is, more often than not, a requirement when producing for the medical industry.” says Wijtenburg. “This machine is connected to an optional bar-feeder, which means we only have to remove the finished items, and we do not need to do any manual clamping. This comes in handy since this machine can do both milling, and turning.”

Nijdra gives the battle against the Covid-19 virus top-priority, which is only proven by this urgent delivery. Indirectly, the expanded capacity makes it possible to continue regular production for other sectors and markets. “Due to the Covid-19 virus, the percentage of medical related revenue has increased from 40% to 65%. Being able to keep up with the pace is essential during this crisis.” Concludes Mr. van Dijk.


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