Nijdra Group enters into a cooperative effort with a German engineering company

Nijdra Group enters into a cooperative effort with the German engineering company B & W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH. The purpose: to offer (specifically medical) customers a complete package, starting at product development, to production and supply chain management. The companies prove to complement one another and create synergy. General Manager Dennis van Dijk made this decision with full conviction: "From now on both parties can offer their customers a total package, in other words a real win-win situation!"

The first introduction took place during the MedTech Summit 2019 in Nürnberg. This year the cooperation started between Nijdra Group BV from Middenbeemster and B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH with offices in Stuttgart (HQ), Fulda (both Germany) and Münchwilen (Switzerland).

B&W is an engineering company for complete product development with mechanics, hardware and software and has more than 30 years of experience in developing systems for general equipment technology, vehicle technology and medical technology.

The German company has 60 employees (FTE) with its own prototype workshop, a measuring laboratory, an electronics laboratory, a test field for the essential assembly and measuring and testing ability in product development. B&W supports customers throughout the entire product development process, covering all topics from customer requirements to the system tests. In the field of quality and sustainability many results regarding development are generated through tolerance analysis, simulations and the innovation process.

These competences fit seamlessly with Nijdra's competences. Furthermore, we can now tackle complete projects together, from design & development to a complete end product, including sourcing & life cycle management. This leads to an acceleration of innovation and product introductions for customers, the international high-tech OEMs (shorter life cycles and time-to-market) and makes it easy to reach competitive prices.

During a project’s start-phase, B&W will take on the main role (the development phase), as soon as the development becomes more definite, Nijdra will be involved. At this point co-engineering becomes more apparent. At this point, Nijdra, B&W and the customer, will define an efficient and effective production process. Nijdra will use their expertise to think along with matters such as choice of materials, tolerances, surface treatments, but also with regard to mounting technologies. Nijdra will be leading said project from at the production phase, although B&W will stay close to support when any redesign of the product becomes necessary.

Each project will be closely monitored and evaluated, both mutually and with the joint customer. As Dennis van Dijk (general manager Nijdra Group) concludes: "This way we can fully meet the requirements and wishes of the customer."

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