Nijdra Group is investing

Nijdra Group is investing in a new machine!

Recently, Nijdra invested in a new CNC machine with pallet module. The choice was made for the DMG Mori DMU 50 (3rd generation) 5-axis milling machine. This machine can unmanned and fully automatically process several small series. All this with a maximum weight of 300 kg and a table diameter of 630 mm (XYZ 650mm X 520mm X 475mm). The machine is combined with the BMO Platinum 50 system, which makes 24/7 production of different product series possible.

The BMO Platinum 50, which, in addition to the standard product loading, will also be equipped with the optional pallet module, makes it possible to automate several different series of products by combining pallet and product loading. Thanks to the eight pallet positions (pallet size 395x395), multiple fixtures can be placed in the machine by the robot.  This makes it possible to process multiple product formats with the CNC machine unmanned.  The selected option program number selection makes it possible for the CNC machine to handle these different jobs one after the other.


Optimum flexibility due to double parallel grippers

In addition to the pallet module, the robot has been equipped with two double parallel grippers to guarantee optimum flexibility. One gripper with two manual jaws and the other gripper with manual jaws on one side and servo jaws on the other side. The BMO Intelligent Control Software allows the operator to enter the product size with a simple operation, after which the servo jaws automatically adjust to the entered size.  This allows products in a range from 0 to 274 mm to be handled without operator intervention.

Another flexible functionality that has been chosen is the software setting of the gripper pressure and the clamping force of the machine clamp.  This can be adjusted for every dependent job in the software.  This guarantees a continuous process in which products with different levels of sensitivity, e.g. thin-walled aluminium, can be loaded and unloaded.


Partly thanks to BMO Automation's input, the choice was made for a four-fold zero tensioning system with medium feed and associated pallets.  To be able to operate these clamping devices even without a robot, two integration kits have been chosen so that the pneumatic clamping device and the zero clamping system can also be controlled manually.  Again, the choice was made for optimal flexibility.

BMO Platinum 5 Options
In short: what options are there for the BMO Platinum 50?

  • Double parallel gripper with manual jaws on both sides
  • Double parallel gripper with BMO Servo jaws on the one side and manual jaws on the other
  • Gripper exchange system
  • Product handling module with a total of 7 product drawers
  • Pallet handling module with 8 pallet positions
  • Job manager software including:
    • Program number selection on CNC machine
    • Programmable grip pressure
    • Clamping force machine clamp in software
    • Mail module
  • Clamping devices:
    • BMO 4-way zero tensioning system with medium throughput
    • BMO Pallets 395x395 with medium throughput
    • Integration kit for manual control of pneumatic clamping device
    • Integration kit for manual control of zero tensioning system