Nijdra’s inventory management system

Nijdra Group has worked towards the implementation of a new inventory management system. Together with Jeveka, supplier of Nijdra Group, a pilot was started to gather experience with a new smart solution for inventory management called SmartBin. The purpose of the pilot was to bring stock to appropriate levels, and eliminate the risk of being out of stock.

Logistics manager Rene Overtoom explains: “SmartBin is a completely automated inventory system which uses sensors to measure the real time weight of a bin with materials. Naturally the weight measured is in direct relation with said material’s quantity. Whenever the measured weight is below the preferred minimum an automated purchase order is sent to the supplier, in this case that would be Jeveka. A great advantage of this system that it also identifies trends such as rapid depletion of a specific material. When a material is close to exhaustion, an express delivery is placed and the stock replenished the very next day. This secures a stable material flow without the risks of stock-outs on the production line. Through the online monitoring software it is possible to analyse real time information on stock levels and ongoing trends. It shows the current stock, running orders and planned orders, even per material. Using this great tool, we implemented our preferred parameters in regards to minimum stock quantities and orders will never be generated too early nor too late. The order quantities are also adjusted to the rate of consumption. This is one of the ways that Nijdra Group keeps their stock levels as low as possible. One of the side benefits is that this system saves a lot of the procurement department’s time.”


During the pilot both parties gained a lot of experience using this new system. Due to all the benefits and advantages for both the supplier and customer, SmartBin was well-received by Nijdra Group, leading to the decision to expand the system to all assembly-lines. A SmartBin system for each production area will ensure the ease of access to required materials at every department. The last SmartBin storage racks are being installed right this moment!