Nijdra invests in a new DMG DMU80 P duoBLOCK

“A machine with unprecedented capabilities” says Rob Wijtenburg (Head of Production Nijdra FMI) about the company’s new investment. Namely, a DMG Mori DMU80 P duoBLOCK with BMO titanium 225 automated loading system as an addition. The combination offers many new production possibilities and is through it, a great addition to the existing machines.

The DMU80 creates new opportunities. Mr Wijtenburg explains; “With the high maximum dimensions of 1050x850x850mm for products, we are now able to produce bigger products, meaning we can take on even more diverse work from existing and new customers.” The machine can work with 5 axles, allowing the pivoting head to process the products from all sides. This results in efficient and stable working of products, but keeping a stable overall temperature which leads to many positive effects regarding accuracy.

As previously mentioned, the machine will be equipped with a BMO titanium 225 product- and pallet loader. The combination of product and pallet loading creates possibilities to make several diverse products at the same time (24/7), without being dependent on an operator. “The machine is even able to work both sides of product without the operators interference. This is possible because of the turntable station within the cell.” Mr Wijtenburg added.

A big upside of the DMU80 and BMO combination is that repeating orders are simpler to produce. “Where in the past we would make 120 pcs at once, we can now easily do 10 pcs per month without having to worry about extra set- or start time. We see that this plays into our hands, and meets the expectations and developments of the market.”