State-of-the-art production

Nijdra Group has built a reputation as a specialist in working precision engineered parts. These are often highly accurate and complex and/or require many individual steps to produce. In our machine factories, we can flexibly produce small to middle-size series from virtually all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and synthetic materials.

Through far-reaching automation and robotisation, we have 24/7 state of the art production options for precision engineered turning, milling and grinding parts for national and international clients from various high-tech industries. For options, see the link to our extensive machinery list at the bottom of this page.

Our production options:

I. Turning

On various CNC turning machines, fitted with (among others) automated bar feeder and powered tools, we can produce complex parts with a diameter up to 65 mm with a tolerance up to 0.005 mm in only one or two clampings.

For parts with a larger diameter (up to Ø250 mm), we use cut material up to 35 kg each, which are fed into the CNC turning machine using a loading robot.

With various 13-axle CNC turning machines, we can process long, narrow parts with a diameter of up to 32 mm, and with the help of specialised tools, equip it with gearing. These machines are also fitted with powered tools and an automated bar feeder.

II. Milling

Nijdra Group is in possession of a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), linked to three CNC machines, each with a repository for 200 tools. This system is highly suited for 24/7 production of small series and repetitive work.

We also have a diverse and completely automated 5-axle milling machine with robot handling for both products and clamping tools, allowing us to very flexibly produce 24/7.

The maximum measures we can mill are 500x500x500 mm with a tolerance of 0.005 mm.

III. Grinding

In our climatised grinding department, we can grind various round profile products with a diameter of up to 350 mm. And flat profile products with sizes up to 600 mm x 250 mm. We also do honing, lapping and centreless grinding.

IV. Prototyping and small series

Apart from robotised and automated serial production, Nijdra Group also has a prototyping and fast-lane department, where machines produce single pieces and small series of fine mechanical parts while almost 100% manned.

V. Quality assurance

Quality and quality assurance are an important link in Nijdra Group business operations, which explains the low failure rate of around 0.5%. All Nijdra Group branches are fitted with a modern well-equipped and climatised measurement room.

We have the option to measure the inner and outer measurements to within 1 mµ accuracy, and our strict quality control ensures that every part meets the high standards that our clients have come to expect from us.

Machine list

In total, we have over 60 (CNC) machines at our disposal for:

  • Turning
  • Swiss lathe turning
  • Milling (3, 4 and 5-axle)
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Honing
  • Laser engraving
  • Lapping
  • Centreless grinding
  • Measuring
  • Cleaning
  • 3D printing (plastics)
Turning> 0.005 mmø250 mm
Swiss lathe turning> 0.005 mmø32 mm
Milling> 0.005 mm500 mm3
Cylindrical grinding> 0.001 mmø350 mm
Surface grinding> 0.001 mm350 mm
Measuring> 0.001 mm

A selection of our projects

Sennheiser HE1 headphone

We have contributed to the realisation of the best headphone and amplifier in the world: the Sennheiser HE1. With its expertise in the field of high-quality machining, Nijdra Group has contributed to the reproducibility of various mechanical parts of both the headphone and the amplifier. In contrast to regular headphones, the components consist of aluminium parts that are milled from solid material using 5-axle machining. Jeroen Nije indicates: “the quality of finish was and is quite a challenge, but I am especially proud that a world-class business comes to us in Middenbeemster and has the parts for its most prestigious product made here”.

Semicon components

In our production branch in Heerhugowaard, we create fine mechanical parts that are applied in Semicon machines. These parts have to be cleaned to grade 2 and grade 4 standard, for which we have set up internal treatment processes. For the grade 2 products, this means that among other things, we have to first completely clean the machine involved for a day before starting production, change all the tools and refresh the cooling water.

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